Terms and Conditions

     Buying from this website or becoming a member of this site means that you have read the following items, are aware of these regulations, and have agreed to its content. Therefore, please carefully read these rules.

Use of Event Tickets

     Tickets sold on this website are for the personal use of the buyer. Any resale of these tickets to another individual in any form, especially at prices different from those mentioned on the site, is prohibited. The event organizer reserves the right to cancel all purchased tickets if such actions are discovered.

     If you intend to transfer purchased tickets in any way (selling, raffling, gifting, etc.), it is essential to contact this website beforehand to understand the conditions associated with this action.

Purchase Quantity Restrictions

     During ticket purchase, please pay attention to the specified limit per person/card. This restriction is in place to ensure an equal opportunity for everyone to purchase the desired tickets. The use of any bots for purchasing from this site is prohibited, and the site reserves the right to invalidate all tickets purchased via a bot upon discovery of such activity.

Ticket Issuance

     Your ticket will only be issued and sent upon confirmation of receiving the sent or deposited payment. If the payment sent by you is not confirmed received by the bank or the exchange specified, the ticket will not be issued. Additionally, if for any reason the received payment is reversed or invalidated by you (in the case of direct online purchase), this site reserves the right to invalidate the issued ticket.

Ticket Delivery

     Please carefully review the entered information during ticket purchase and ensure its accuracy and completeness. After completing the purchase process, the tickets will be automatically sent to the email provided on the site by the website. In case of any issues or for any follow-ups, this site will only respond to the contact number, email, and the buyer’s information entered on the site. Therefore, only use the email address and contact number that you have complete access to.

“Ticket Protection

     Please take care in preserving and safeguarding your tickets. Each ticket contains a barcode that allows your entry into the venue solely through its scanning. Each barcode has a single scanning capability. The first person presenting this ticket at the venue’s entrance will be considered its rightful owner and will use the barcode. Hence, strongly refrain from presenting or emailing your tickets to others. In the event of any issue, such as the loss or unauthorized release of the ticket before the event, please contact this website at least up to two days before the event to void the tickets and get replacements. Otherwise, if your barcode is used for entry before your arrival, neither this site nor the event organizers will bear any responsibility.

Ticket Invalidation

     Tickets, once purchased and issued, cannot be refunded under any circumstances, and there will be no reimbursement. Therefore, please be careful when selecting the city, event, date, and desired seat during the purchase.

     Note 1: Only under the circumstances specified in the preceding paragraph and within the mentioned timeframe will you have the opportunity for a one-time reissuance of previously purchased tickets.

     Note 2: In the event of ticket invalidation by the event organizer, they are obligated to refund the paid amounts. In this case, the ticket selling site’s fees will be deducted from your payment, and the remaining amount will be deposited into your account. As the refund process may take time, the refunded amount will be in the same currency as your payment and the same amount (deducting the specified percentage), unaffected by inflation or currency exchange rate changes.

Force Majeure

     Any conditions beyond the control of the event organizer, such as natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, widespread fires, pandemics, or events like outbreaks of war, are termed as force majeure. During force majeure situations, the event organizer reserves the right to postpone the concert until the situation is resolved. The event organizer is obliged to immediately conduct the event on the earliest possible date after the resolution of the force majeure situation. Naturally, in such cases, the ticket holder has the right to use their previously purchased ticket for attending the event on the newly announced date without additional payment. If, due to technical reasons or venue changes, the issuance of new tickets is necessary, the event organizer will inform the buyer via email or contact using the provided number, issuing a new ticket of the same value to the buyer.

“Reference number” or “Order number”

     In some cases, to address your inquiries regarding tickets during your calls, there will be a need for the presentation of the “Reference number” or “Order number”. Therefore, please ensure to have these numbers readily available when contacting the numbers provided on this site.

Event Attendance

Conditions for Entry to the Venue

     Upon entry to the venue and to ensure the safety of participants, the event organizers or venue authorities may need to conduct inspections on you or your belongings. Additionally, if necessary, your identification in accordance with the name specified on the ticket and the presentation of a valid identification card will be the responsibility of the ticket buyer. In case of any issues or lack of cooperation, your entry to the venue will be prevented.

Entering and Exiting the Venue

     As previously mentioned, each ticket allows entry to the venue only once, and in case you exit the venue, re-entry will not be possible. Therefore, after entering the venue, refrain from exiting until the end of the concert.

The Entrance Time to the Venue

     The permitted time frame for entry to the venue for each concert is specified on this site. Therefore, ensure you are present at the venue before the entry deadline. After the specified time, the doors of the venue will be closed, and entry will be restricted. In such a case, your ticket will not be refundable.

Prohibited Items

     Carrying any type of weapons, recording or image-capturing devices, food or beverages, animals, drugs, lasers, or any items that may disrupt the event or inconvenience other attendees is strictly prohibited. If any of these items are found at the entrance to the venue, you will be prevented from entering, and the event organizer and venue hold no responsibility for the safekeeping of these items.

Moreover, in case of witnessing the above-mentioned items inside the venue or creating disturbance to others through inappropriate behavior, for the safety and comfort of all attendees, the organizers reserve the right to expel the individual responsible from the venue, and no objections will be entertained in this regard.

Your Seat and Sitting Area

     You are only allowed to sit on the seat number specified on your ticket. Please keep your ticket with you until the end of the event. If approached by officials or ushers, you will be required to present your ticket. In case of any issues with seat numbers, the event organizer reserves the right to change your seating arrangement with an equivalent value to the purchased ticket.

Standing in the aisles or entering sections other than the purchased ticket area is strictly prohibited.

Personal Belongings

     Entry with any oversized or unusual items into the venue will be prohibited. Additionally, the event organizer and the venue hold no responsibility for your personal items. If you bring such items, it is solely your responsibility to safeguard and maintain them throughout the event.